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Grain Dryer

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DingYi®energy-saving Tower Grain Dryer


Our brand---DingYi® Energy-saving tower dryer suitable for large-sized industries such as grain, fodder, alcohol, etc. Grain will not change colour, crack, become charred or too moisture after drying. The colour and lustre will as same as sunbaked grain.

DingYi®HG series energy-saving modular tower dryers are used for handling high moisture content grain. They can make continuous drying work towards every kind of corn and oil producer like maize, rough rice, wheat, soybean, rapeseed, etc. Our HG series has 11 models which includes HG 1000, HG 800, HG 600, HG 500, HG 400, HG 300, HG 200, HG 150, HG 100, HG60, and HG 40. They can process 40 to 1000 tons corns per day. Products that processing less than 500 tons per day are available, and those products that can process 600 to 1000 tons need order for manufacturing.

The modular tower dryer consists of unloading, hoisting, cleaning, transport, before-drying bin, dryer, after-drying bin, heat source, electric appliance and control unit. Installation and using can be outdoors, also it can install in the factory building.

HG series downstream/upstream grain dryers are advanced technology models which were based on digesting foreign drying skills. They have advantages of low cost and good grain quality after drying. In the downstream/upstream corn dryer, dry medium first contact with the low temperature and moist corn, and they flow in the same direction. This not only makes high temperature hot air to be fully utilized, but also makes every corn get same temperature drying process. The maximum heating temperature of corn is 45, so we adopt tempering after every drying segment. Moisture content and the temperature from core of grain to surface will become more balanced before get into the next stage of drying. It is beneficial to ensure quality of after-drying grain.

Grain Dryer Grain Dryer  

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