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Fluidized Bed Dryer

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Fluidized Bed Dryer
    In the chamber of drying equipment the granule materials are spread onto a board. When the air flow into the layer from the bottom of the machine and also the flow speed accelerated to a certain circumstance, the solid granules in the bed layers will turn into a boiling state. It’s called Fluid bed. We name this drying technique Fluid-bed drying.
    2. Working principle
    Products feed into the machine through the feeding inlet then consistently move along the horizontal direction under the exciting force. Hot air goes up flow through the fluid bed to exchange heat with the materials and evacuate through the outlet while the dried products are taking out from the discharge opening.
    (1)Single layer fluid-bed drier
      Single layer fluid-bed drier is simple in structure. It’s easy to operate with large output capacity and wide application. It is usually used when the bed layer granules stay at a constants height. Depending on the different products to dry, the output capacity ranges from 500~1000kg/h of water from the products per square meter board, consuming air 3~12/kg/h.
     (2)Multi-layer fluid-bed drier
     The disadvantage of a single layer fluid-bed drier lies in the fact that the product after dried is uneven in the humidity. In order to improve this defect, the multi-layer fluid-bed drier is developed.
    (3)Horizontal multi-chamber fluid-bed drier
      The horizontal multi-chamber fluid-bed drier is used to dry all the granule products in the range of 4~14 mesh. The initial water content ranges from 10~30% and the dried final water content generally ranges from 0.02~0.3%.
    (4)Spouted bed drier
       For rough granule and sticky materials with low fluidity, and not easy to dry in the fluid bed, they can be dried with a spouted bed drier. A spouted bed drier is in cone shape at the bottom and cylindered on the top. Airflow go through the machine from the bottom carrying some solid granules to move upward to the top of the machine. After the particles reach the roof and falls back to the bottom then comes again just like fountain. 
    (5)Vibrating fluid-bed drier
    Vibrating fluid-bed drier is a new device developed in recent years. It is perfect to dry materials whose granule is too rough or too fine, sticky, and the products in low fluidity. It is also used for materials with special requirements, such as sugar. The dried sugar is required to have intact and bright crystal form and even sized grains.
    (1)The vibrator is driven by a vibrating motor, smooth running, easy maintenance, low noise, and long life span.
    (2)Even fluidity, no blind spot and blow through, the products are evenly dried and cooled.
    (3)Good adjustability and adaptability. Infinitely variable control can be achieved for the material layer thickness, moving speed and double amplitude change.  
    (4)Low damage to the material surface, applicable to dry fragile materials; irregular granule shapes will not affect the work effects.
    (5)Completely sealed structure, clean working environment.
    (6)High thermal efficiency, good energy saving effect, saving 30-60% compared with common driers.
    5. Application
    The machine is widely used for drying, cooling and moistening powder or particle materials in chemical, light industry, pharmaceutics, food, plastic, cereals and oil, mineral residues, salt making, tobacco and sugar, etc. The machine can also be used for drying and cooling, cooling and moistening work. Applicable materials include: Citric acid, monosodium glutamate, sodium borate, ammonium sulphate, compound fertilizer, turnip strips, bean pulp, mineral residues, granulated sugar, etc.
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