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Mesh Belt Dryer

Date:2016年10月29日         Hits:
Mesh Belt Dryer

Mesh Belt Dryer(DWG DDG series flow-through belt type drier)
    1. Application
    Our product is widely used dehydrating all kinds of foods, agricultural products, vegetables, herbals, TCM materials, feed, and chemical industries no matter the shape in slice, strip, pieces, even granules.|

    2. Structure characteristics

    Dingyi® DWG series AFT (AirFlow Through) belt drier is designed to be five layers. The drying chamber has five layers of stainless steel mesh belt to convey materials; DDG series AFT belt drier is designed to be a single layer belt drier. The drying chamber uses a single layer stainless steel mesh belt to convey materials.

    3. Features
    Dingyi® DWG and DDG series AFT belt driers are highlighted by high drying speed, good hygiene conditions, low labor cost, ultra long uninterrupted working time, highly automatic, and convenient&accurate temperature control. The products dried by this series of machines maintain in excellent quality and reconstitution properties.
    The machine uses hot air as the drying media to conduct full humidity and heat exchange with the wet materials. Hot air not only can transfer heat to the wet materials as a heat carrier, but also take away the vapour from the wet materials as a humidity carrier.
     In conclusion, the machine is reasonable in technological process, novel in structure design with original creation. The air flows in layers and dries in sections, which is conformity with the drying technology requirements to produce good quality products. The machine is equipped with natural cooling layer and vibrating conveying device to cool the dried product, which enables timely packaging.
    4. Technical Data (Welcome to request via E-mail)
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