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Pulse Airflow Dryer

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Pulse Airflow Dryer
Pulse Airflow Dryer (FG series Impulse Airflow dryer)
    Dingyi® FG series airflow dryer is a product developed by our technical expert group on the basis of Japan APPIE technical research. It uses the combination of positive and negative pressure, two stages drying theory to complete the drying process in two steps. The residual heat of exhaust air is entirely recycled and the low temperature high humidity exhaust air is nearly saturated. Compared with other airflow dryers, it can save energy by 20%~48% and the thermal efficiency reaches up to 80~88%. Moreover, FG series airflow dryer has characteristics of less exhaust dust, compact pipes layout, less floor coverage, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.
    Dingyi® FG series airflow dryer is applicable to dry various mud, powder or paste materials with particle diameters ranging from 5μm~8mm. Wet materials enter the dryer and and make thermal exchange with high temperature high speed hot airflow. Finally the materials are dried into small particle products.
This equipment is widely used for drying powder or particle materials of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction materials, etc., such as starch, glucose, fish powder, granulated sugar, edible sugar, brewer’s grain, fodder, gluten, plastic resin, coal powder, dyes, etc.
    3.Working principle
    Impulse airflow drier's characteristic is alternately shrink and enlarge diameters of the airflow drying pipe. The impulse airflow pipe has the function of thermal conduction at the accelerating sections to strengthen the drying process.
    The particle materials are added to the machine, they first enter the drying pipe with a very small diameter where particles are accelerated. At the end of the acceleration, the drying pipes suddenly enlarged and particles enter the large diameter pipe due to inertia effect. During the movement, particles slow down constantly due to resistance. Until the end of the slowdown, drying pipes suddenly shrink, which cause particles accelerate again. The pipe diameter alternately becomes large or small in this way, and the particles also alternately accelerate or slowdown, which makes the relative speed and heat transfer surface between air and particles increase, thus strengthening the thermal and mass transferring speed. Meanwhile, the slowdown of airflow in large diameter pipe also extends the drying time. This is effective for materials with high water content to extend heating time so as to reduce water content to the desired level.
    4.Model specifications
    ① Performance parameters (Please request via E-mail)
    ② Operation parameters
    The operation parameters of FG series airflow drier is depend on the material properties and the detailed parameters vary for different materials.
    a.Initial water content: 1%~60%
    b.Final water content: 0.0001~18% 
    c.Drying temperature: Vary between 140℃~500℃ depending on the material shapes and the types of drier.
    d.Material temperature: The material temperature can be generally controlled between 55℃~70℃ by adjusting the length of drying pipe and air volume.
    e.Output: The output of FG series airflow dryers are closely related to the above parameters. When other parameters are fixed, it is directly decided by the initial and final water content of material. Hourly evaporation capacity is a key index to select a drier.
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