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Fowl Manure And Sludge Dryer

Date:2016年10月29日         Hits:
Fowl Manure And Sludge Dryer
Fowl manure (sludge) drying and producing compound fertilizer equipment

    With the development of intensive cultivating and brewing industries, chicken manure and various grain wastes cause more and more pollution to the environment, so much that it has become a public nuisance and has drawn broad attention. On the other hand, with the constant increase of the population and food shortage, also chemical fertilizer and fodder price rising, the costs of  feeding and planting industries are increased. On the contrary, with the rising of non-hazardous “green food” over the world, the need for industrial organic fertilizer has increased greatly which can reduce chemical pollution. This has drawn more and more attention to the development of chicken manure and various high moisture organic wastes, especially to the development  of convert grains and residues into fodder. The Ding Yi Brand TJG series chicken manure (sludge) drying and producing compound fertilizer equipment is advanced in technical and economic index, multiple models and types, wide application, which has created favourable conditions to use chicken manure and grains or residue wastes as resources. The product has characteristics of low energy consumption and high efficiency. It can dry high moisture materials with water content below 80% to below 12% in one time. The technical level of equipment has leading position in domestic market and can be used for environmental management and processing high moisture organic waste.

    2.Working principle

    Clean stack gas generated from the high efficiency burner and acts as the drying media. By using the downstream flow drying technology, chicken manure (sludge) is entered into the cylinder breaking drying chamber where it is threw to a certain height by the throwing propellers and fall down. It is crushed by the breaking device during the process of falling. Due to the combined work of breaking device and rotation cylinder, the material is quickly dried and turn into even grains. For TJG40, TJG100 and TJG200 model, the material is discharged from the outlet of rotation cylinder. For TJG40A, TJG100A and TJG200A model, by the function of induced draft fan, dried material is entered into the dirt catcher through the buffering tube and discharge at the air seal machinery under dirt catcher.

    3.Technical data (Welcome to request via E-mail)

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