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Brewer's Grain Dryer

Date:2016年10月29日         Hits:

    brewer’s grain dryer

    Complete equipment for producing protein fodder with brewer’s grain

    1. Main usage and features
    The machine solved problems of drying material and adhered caking by introducing Japanese APPIE technology. The duplex drying theory and high temperature fast-drying technology  combines stirring and drying process together. This machine is suitable for drying various grains and residues which have lower than 80% water content, such as dregs, pomace, brewer’s grain, alcohol lees, soy lees, sugar residues, starch residues and slaughter waste, etc.  It has good effects  of exploit new feeding sources, decrease feeding costs, and reduce environment pollution.

    2. Working principle
    The grains and residues enter the rotating drier after pressure filtration, then they are threw to the top by the throwing propellers and fall down. They are scattered by the stirring device during falling process, meanwhile hot air blows through the surface of materials to conduct heat and mass. Big blocks are disassembled into small pieces during the repeated up and down processes and the surface area increase constantly and dehydrated quickly by contact with the hot air. The materials enter the air drying pipe and dried to have safe water content. By the function of induced draft fan, dried materials enter the separator through pipe and discharge at the air seal  machinery under the separator. 

    3.Constitution of the equipment
     ①. Hot air supply part: Including high efficiency burner and air temperature adjusting device which needs to be constructed at the user’s place. The burner has dust cleaning function, and the dust content in exhaust air is very low and conforms to the national environment protection standards.

    ②. Feedstock part: Feedstock helix 

    ③. Rotation cylinder drying part: Blast pipe, front chamber, back chamber, rotation cylinder with throwing board and transmission, crushing and transmission, cylinder supporting device, rack and thermal insulation devices.

    ④. Air flow drying and recycling part: Consisting of air flow drying tube, buffering tube, dust catcher, air seal machinery, induced draft fan, etc.

    ⑤. Controller cabinet
    4.Technical data    
Model TJG40
Handling capacity (kg/h) 1667 4167 8333
Coal consumption(kg/h) 250 500 900
Electricity consumption (kw/h) 58 70 105
Workers per shift 3 3 4
Floor area (m2) 100 150 260
Plant height  (m) ≥4 (Partially≥8) ≥5 (Partially≥7) ≥6 (Partially≥9)
    5. Process Flow Diagram

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