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Grain Bucket Elevator

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Grain Bucket Elevator


Dingyi series grain bucket elevator uses new type of squirrel-cage structure engine base. This bucket elevator greatly reduces percentage of grain damage in lifting, and it has simple structure, that easy for equipment cleaning and maintenance. It significantly reduces crushed rate increasing for after drying corn, so the product is advanced equipment which adopts crush reducing technology in China currently. It can be widely used in grain storage enterprises, grain processing factories, ports, docks or other working environments which have crush reducing requirements for transporting grain.

Performance Feature

TDTG series grain bucket elevator is a fixed continuous vertical transporting equipment. It is centrifugal unloading and suitable for conveying granular materials which need to reduce crush. Such as after drying corn, wheat, rice, etc. The product has advantages of simple structure, good appearance, less work noise, no backhaul and low crushed rate. It adopts advanced crush reducing technology of China, and the working performance is stable.

Grain Bucket Elevator

Main Structure

The equipment consists of drive system, head section, machine barrel, machine base, belt conveyor, shovel pocket, feeds bucket, etc.

Drive System 

Mainly composes of motor, belt conveyor and gear reducer. We can equip with speed controller, off tracking alarm and material level indicator according to customer’s requirements.

Head Section

Consists of head stock, head case, crush reducing device, head pulley, shaft and bearing. The reflux adjusting baffle is equipped in head section to prevent backhaul in grain lifting and transporting process.

Machine Barrel

Made from high quality galvanized steel plate and shape with hydraulic bending. It is riveted, no rusting, good sealing and rigid.

Machine Base

Consists of base frame, boot pulley, boot shaft, shaft bearing base, boot, tensioning device and feeds bucket. The boot has self-cleaning structure and will not store grain. The squirrel-cage structured boot pulley will reduce grain crush. The feature of feeds bucket is stratified directional feeding, this benefits loading in shovel pocket, and reduces grain to hit the steel surface. Tensioning device ensures distance between shovel pocket and the boot is fixed, also the distance to feeds bucket and the direction of grain feeding is fixed. It benefits grain loading in shovel pocket and reducing grain damage.

Technical Parameters

Model  Head Pulley diameter(mm)  Transporting volume(corn)

 Lifting height(m)

TDTG25/13 250 7—10 12
TDTG37/18 370 15—20 18
TDTG42/20 420 20—25 25
TDTG50/23 500 50—55 30
TDTG63/23 630 70—75 50

Grain Bucket Elevator

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