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Coal-fired Air Heater

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Coal-fired Air Heater
JRL-M Series Belt Conveyor Coal-fired Air Heater   
    This series of product is a heating equipment which filled coal and remove slag with mechanical operation. It has belt conveyor system for transporting and burning coal. So, with the characteristics, it can cut down some of labour. Also, it's made of refractory and heat-resisting materials to make the product long lasting, stably burning, and high efficiency. 



Mechanical coal filling, enough air supply for burning and cooling

No breakdown in operation, high efficiency

Any type of coal, including low heat value and small coal

Filled coal equally

Save fuel and low cost

Finned tubes heat exchanger

Larger heat exchange area, obviously advanced


Heat exchange area is more than 4 square meters per 10kcal

Strong heat exchange ability

High thermal conversion ratio

Leading position in China

Vertical layout of heat exchange tubes, heating by points

Less damage of heat exchanger

Air speed in heat exchange tubes is more than 20m/s

The smoke will not block tubes

Outlet smoke temperature is 120-150

Less waste heat, high efficiency of heat utilization

Fire resistant furnace brickwork

Refractory and will not fall off

Furnace capacity is more than 400kcal/m3

Less heat damage

More capacity in coal ash container

No over burning of fire grate

Heat preserved in furnace

Less thermal loss

When the temperature in furnace reaches 500-600 , it will blow off 150 hot wind

Less heat damage, long lasting


Technical Data



JRL-M-  120

JRL-M-  180


Rated Heating Capacity





Heat efficiency (%)




Coal consumption (kg/h)




Air output (m3/h)




 Coal-fired Air Heater



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