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Company Overview

    Company Overview

    Shenyang Thermal Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which founded in 1993 for providing drying equipment and large-sized steelwork towards domestic and foreign companies. We have rights of export and import goods. The production base located in Shenyang, China, and we have three service stations in other domestic cities. Our company has two producing factories and they cover area of over 29,000 m2. Also, the total factory building space is 12,000 m2. We are the only factory which can provide merchandise on hand in this kind of industry.

    Our main business activity is providing comprehensive service to consumers of invest or build corn drying factory. During twenty years, our company has built a diverse base of customers. Our clients include industries of grain, food, medicine, chemical engineering, farm produce, metallurgy, fodder, petroleum, etc. The products not only sell through Chinese market, but also export to other countries like Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia and Laos. Our dedicated and professional sales will work with you to satisfy your needs and requirements. By taking advantages of solving diverse customer problems in years, we have the ability to offer solution that helps you gains competitive edge in the market.

    We are the leader of energy-saving and drying.

    Our idea: Help others acquire success to persist our success.

    Our values: Value of customers is our biggest worth.

    Our target: Become the first one for helping customers acquire success in this kind of industry.

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